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Condensing Unit

Refrigeration units are designed for High ambient Application. Extra sized condensing units ensures that the unit work comfortably in GCC conditions. Low temperature units are equipped.

Evaporator Unit

Evaporators provide a cost effective and efficient solution for positive and negative temperature applications.

Rack System

Compressor rack systems are used in large capacity refrigeration requirements. A number of compressors connected parallel is one of the best energy saving option. Full capacity can be used only when we require it utmost and compressors can be brought down to null position when the capacity requirement is low. The energy savings justifies the high initial investments made on a rack.

Display Freezer & Chiller

Display Freezers & Chiller are extensively used by renowned Hypermarket chain. Remotely placed Condensing Unit and direct plug in self contained units are available in the product range.

Bus Air Conditioning

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Cold Rooms

Production Process – Cold Room